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Canadian Burner & Boiler Services

Fuel System Upgrades
Diesel Fuel Cleaning
Comprehensive Inspections
TSSA Variances & Approvals

Our services include

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Inspections & Reports

Complete oil side comprehensive inspections as per the current B139 and previous codes which allows the fuel supplier to legally fill a fuel storage tank.

Once inspections are completed Canadian Burner & Boiler will then provide the Certificate of Code Compliance (CoCC).

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Fuel System Upgrades

Design, correct and install fuel systems to meet the current B139 codes and TSSA mandates on permanently mounted package equipment, mobile generators/pumps, fire pumps and large split systems.

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Work with TSSA

Installation and upgrade of exhaust systems to meet the Ontario Building Code and the current NFPA. We work directly with TSSA to obtain any required variance for compliance and legal operation of equipment.

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